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Hello, and Welcome to the CON Website!!!

What's up with those CON People anyway?? I mean really?

We are a fun and friendly guild, currently in the process of recruiting all levels! Yes you read that right! Hold on to those panties... We have lifted our Level Restriction, and are looking for recruits to get things rolling, the more the merrier. Our guild is interested in progressing to end game content and are currently raiding most Wednesday and thursday nights, we are looking for members who share the same goal...but that's not all!

**Insert Your Name Here**:But what else could I possibly want from a guild?
Arman: Well friend, I'm glad you asked!

We aren't all about business!!! We are about building a good strong team and that includes building friendships! Which makes for a better playing experience and also helps us to work better as a unit! like I said we are fun and friendly and very helpful! ALSO, to top it all off, we have 5 bank tabs, an awesome guild tabard that complements just about any gear in the game, and people who will feed you grapes while you play! (sorry: grapes not included)...nor are the people for that matter!
So come join! You won't regret it!

You Can Click Here For More Recruit Information!

Guild Vent Information:
refer to our guild information in game for vent details!

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